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Food glorious food.......I love I love it so much that the first thing I think of after I finish my breakfast is " What shall I have for lunch ?". And after I eat lunch the first thing that comes to my head is " What shall I have for dinner ? ". The first thing that crosses my mind before going to bed is " What shall I eat tomorrow ?". So you  see what I mean ?!

I would like to dedicate this page for students who are far away from home. Don-t you just miss home cooked food? Uugghh I know how that feels, I was there. It was a big torture for me and  oooohhhh....the agony...I couldn-t bear it!!!! (uh..don-t you think I'm exaggerating a bit too much here?!). Oh, I also have some baby food recipes for mothers who ran out of menus.

My taste in food ranges from the 5 continents. Although I do prefer spicy food, maybe it-s got something to do with my origin. But don-t fret for those of you who can-t eat spicy food, 'cos I also have non spicy recipes. However, the one thing I don't have is pork. Since I am a muslim   (which is ..a non pork eater), so all the recipes I have are what you call  " Halal ".

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All these recipes are taken from a lot of sources. Some are from cook books and some are family recipes.It would be great if you guys can also contribute your recipes for this page so that you can share it with A LOT of people. Or if you  want me to look up on some recipes for you, you can always e-mail me. Okay....let's start cooking, shall we ?


List of Recipes
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For the moment, I have the recipes from these countries:

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6 = quick and very easy to prepare

66 = relatively easy; less than 15 min  preparation

666 = takes over 15 min to prepare