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The WHO definition of health:

"health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

People throughout the world want access to health care. They want their health problems solved as quickly as possible using the best technology available. One of the dilemmas is that whether it is better to give priority these aspirations or whether we should seek to control diseases or problems on a broader front by means of multipurpose programs with wide-ranging objectives such as promoting healthy lifestyle

Medical practice is changing rapidly as new techniques and technologies become available. Western medicine has traditionally seen the human body as a machine. Now we are becoming more aware of the need to look at health as well as disease and to place health problems in their social and environmental context.

Primary health care moves away from institutions like hospitals and out into the community. Amidst all these changes, practitioners and health centers remain the interface between the community and the health system. They are expected to:

  • respond to local needs and requests;
  • maintain an ongoing dialogue with individuals, families and communities;
  • provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitation activities;
  • work with other sectors in promoting activities and initiatives related to health;
  • function as a "health development unit" and not simply as a clinical service point;
  • provide equitable and quality health care to all in a catchment population.


Eating is a main occupation in life so prepare your food well

Food is the major source of exposure to pathogenic agents, both chemical and biological (viruses, parasites and bacteria).

The WHO Golden Rules for Safe Food Preparation

Sex, Gender and Reproduction
Talking about Human Reproduction in a non scientific way, a delicate issue, nevertheless worth to be mentioned when we talk about healthy lifestyle.

After all the above:  SOME EXERCISESSkiacc.gif (38354 bytes)

Physical exercise will prevent a great number of disabilities and diseases. Some of the proposed pages should make sure that you will sweat at least once a day.


Tobacco is a risk factor for some 25 diseases and while its effects on health are well known, the sheer scale of its impact on global disease burden may still not be fully appreciated. No SINGLE disease is expected to make such a giant claim on health as this one risk factor. Estimates indicate that tobacco is already responsible for about 2.6% of the total death and disease burden, and that it is projected to triple its share to 8.9% of the total by the year 2020. For each 1 000 tonnes of tobacco produced, about 1 000 people will eventually die.

WHO Tobacco or Health Page

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