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Japanese food


Sushi Rice              666

562,50 gr rice  (225 gr of rice grain and 354ml water)

2 tbsp  mirin

1/2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1.Cook rice and cool after it is cooked

2.Put rice in a clean wooden container or a glass container

3.Put rice in the container and spread evenly

4.Mix the mirin with the sugar and salt

5.Sprinkle the rice with the mirin mix

6.Mix the rice in front of a fan or fan it with newspaper (this is to dry out any excess liquid)

7.Mix the rice evenly like slicing wise

8.Cover the rice with a damp cloth and leave it until you are ready to make the sushi



Nigiri Sushi                666

*for 4 people


2 shrimps

10 gr fillet of salmon

14 gr tuna fat

2 thick omelette

2/3 cup sushi rice

mirin water mix

1.Soak the shrimp in boiling water for a minute or two

2.Discard the head and peel the shell

3.Slice the shrimp in the middle without cutting it through and discard the vein

4.Slice the salmon and the tuna diagonally for 1cm thick

5.Dip your hand in  the mirin water mix (water : mirin = 3 : 1)

6.Grab 20 gr of rice with your hand and form a   short fat cigar shape

7.Hold a piece of sliced fish on your left palm (if you are right handed) and apply a dash  of wasabi in the middle of the fish with your right fore finger

8.Place the rice on top of the fish

9.Hold  the sides of the fish in between your thumb and the fore finger of your right hand and press slightly

10.Press the top of the fish with the fingers of your right hand and hold the end of the sushi with the thumb of your left hand (this is to form the sushi and to make sure that it takes a compact shape)


Temaki Sushi