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Let me introduce my self first. My name is Maya Rafei- Pachner and was born in Bandung-Indonesia. I grew up in New-Delhi, India and stayed there for 11 years (because my father is posted there). You should visit India, it's a great place to have   "new experiences" and for those who love "adventures". I regret that I didn't get to travel much while I was there. I wish I did. Maybe someday I'll do it.

After India, I decided that I wanted to know how it is to live in my own country. I went to Bandung where I completed my high school at Taruna Bakti. It was a nice school with crazy kids in it..h.a....ha...It was great! But the craziest school I've ever attended was SINDI (Sekolah Indonesia New- Delhi India) - the Indonesian embassy school in New-Delhi. Oh yeah, I attended the American Embassy School also for my 4th and 5th grade. I really loved it, especially the cafeteria! ha..ha..

So, where to go next? Why not Switzerland? I am now staying with my beloved husband who works for WHO in Geneva-Swiss. I didn't plan to get married abroad , but when I met just can't fight true love, can you? Peter is actually a musician. He studied Indian musicology and he plays the tabla (Indian drums). And what's a musician doing in WHO? Well, he doesn't play the tabla over there but he's a "system analyst in the health systems". He's not that active anymore with his music but he still does small concerts here and there in either Lausanne or Geneva (where ever people ask him to play).

While in Switzerland, I attended a hotel management school at SHMS, Les Paccots (for the 1st year) and continued the second year at Cèsar Ritz, Le Bouveret. I graduated in 1995. Now I'm continuing my studies with the Open University, England, through correspondence. God knows when I'm gonna graduate ..ha..ha.. J 'Cos I'm having fun studying with the Open University! Yes...I'm quite insane...J

Hey by the way, Peter and I just had a baby girl on the 2nd of January 1998. She's just adorable! She's starting to walk now. And bet...I've got to run after her now J She also loves music, she just dances away everytime she hears it.

Okay, enough about me. This is quite a long intro, so I'd better stop before I bore you guys to death!